The origins of spring truth

"The reserved melody, the protected distance,
The light of the crystal dawn, the light that rises above the world,
I understand your age-old sadness
Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Belovezhskaya Pushcha ... "

Alexandra Pakhmutova

Another cultural season in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, which usually begins after the holy month of Ramadan, this year opened the Week of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. From October 22 to 29, the inhabitants of the UAE had a unique opportunity to plunge into the space of Belarusian culture, to enjoy the skill of the best creative teams. More than 200 Belarusian artists of both classical and folk art genres became participants in the Culture Week. The week of Belarusian culture began with the opening on October 22 in the WestWing Gallery of the capital's Emirates Palace hotel of an exhibition of contemporary Belarusian painting, represented by canvases by 12 Belarusian artists of various styles, creative styles and pictorial palettes, as well as an exhibition of photographs - mostly colorful Belarusian landscapes - Belarusian master Sergey Plytkevich.

The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Administration of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Agency for Culture and Heritage Muhammed Khalaf al-Mazrui, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus for National Security V. A. Lukashenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus S.F. Aleinik, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the UAE A.V. Semeshko, heads of diplomatic missions of foreign states accredited in the UAE and other officials and guests.

On the same day, the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the UAE gave an official reception in the luxurious banquet hall of the EmiratesPalace Hotel. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the UAE Alexander Semeshko delivered a welcoming speech to the guests. He noted that the Culture Week of the Republic of Belarus in the UAE is a significant event for both countries, which took place for the first time, and above all, thanks to the assistance and support of the Abu Dhabi Office of Culture and Heritage. “I hope,” from the methyl ambassador, “the fragments of Belarusian culture and art presented to the people of the Emirates will help our countries better understand each other, our traditions and values. The rich Belarusian culture and traditions that has been formed over the centuries are one of the full-scale branches of pan-European culture.”

During the reception, guests were able to watch a documentary film about Belarus, as well as taste a variety of dishes of national cuisine (and not only from potatoes, which is considered to be the queen of Belarusian cuisine), various cocktails, delicious snacks, desserts from specially brought Belarusian products prepared by famous chefs Minsk restaurants "Rakovsky Brovar" and "Golden Cockerel".

The official event was given an atmosphere of special sincerity and warmth by the participation of talented musicians from Belarus working today at various music venues in the Emirates. The guests were able to enjoy the charming voice of the graduate of the Belarusian State Conservatory Elena Boldina, who performed the famous Belarusian hits “My Relatives Kut”, “Zorka Venus”, “May Day Radzima” to the words of the classics of Belarusian literature Y. Kolas, M. Bogdanovich and other poets, as well as a brilliant performance of Belarusian music and world music classics by the quartet of Belarusian musicians already well-known in the Emirates under the guidance of a talented graduate of the Belarusian State Conservatory Yevgeny Morozov .

The program of the Culture Week included the show of the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus staged by the famous choreographer, People's Artist of the USSR and Belarus Valentin Elizariev. The original reading by the choreographer of the famous Shakespearean work, the skill and grace of ballet dancers, the excellent performance of music by Sergei Prokofiev by the Symphony Orchestra of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus did not leave the audience indifferent. The performance of the ballet troupe was accompanied by a flurry of applause. For a long time, the audience will also remember the performance of the Kharoshka dance ensemble - one of the most successful choreographic groups, which has become a kind of visiting card of Belarus. Over its more than 30-year history, the ensemble, led by People’s Artist of Belarus Valentina Gaeva, has created dozens of colorful theatrical dance compositions and performances.

The Emirate audience was able to enjoy the art of medieval Belarusian graceful dance of grand ducal living rooms with its magnificent palette of silk on old costumes, sophisticated instrumental and vocal accompaniment, as well as a lively, cheerful pattern of Belarusian folk dance, melodic music of the miserable and cymbals, and the multicolor of national folk costumes. A real discovery for the emirate’s audience was the performance at the National Theater of the UAE capital by the Chamber Symphony Orchestra of Young Talents from the Republican College of Music under the direction of Professor V. Perlin, who shocked the audience with their performance of Belarusian and world music classics. The audience did not let the young musicians leave the stage for a long time, standing ovation. Especially warmly welcomed by talented young people present at the concert, former students of Vladimir Perlin - graduates of musical institutions of Belarus, successfully working in the Emirates today.