Www. Shiffa.com

Dubai-based manufacturer of unique Spa cosmetics Shiffa has launched its own web portal www.shiffa.com, dedicated to innovative and unique skin care products. According to brand founder Dr. Lamis Hamdan, "the basic concept of Shiffa's work and its philosophy is natural healing, therapeutic effects and first-class protection."

When creating Shiffa products, only natural ingredients, herbs, oils and minerals are used. The brand’s products are very popular and are used in international spa centers such as Trump Spas (Las Vegas, Chicago). Soon, Shiffa products will also appear in London and New York. Shiffa branches are located in Ziggy Bay (Oman), Phuket (Thailand), Peninsula Beverly Hills (USA), Talise Spa and Jumeirah Group (UAE). Shiffa retail outlets can be found at Sephora Department Store in Dubai Mall, Dubai Avenue Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvey Nichols Department Store in Dubai.

Watch the video: Information on Shiffa products and how-to-use. (February 2020).