Finding Nemo

Diving as a way of understanding the underwater world is growing in popularity. However, in the study of the depths of the sea there is an alternative to scuba diving - submarines.

The Arab company Exomos, headquartered in Dubai, known for its extraordinary and exclusive swimming facilities, presented its new and original project - the Nautilus submarine this year at the Dubai Boat Show. Of course, it was created based on the novel by Jules Verne "20,000 leagues under the sea." Its design is as close as possible to the literary prototype, with the exception of the internal "filling" - it corresponds to the latest technology and makes underwater travel absolutely safe. Needless to say, both passengers and crew members are provided with comfort on the submarine - this is also a tribute to time.

The project cost is estimated at 3 million dollars. On a fascinating journey into the kingdom of Poseidon can go 10 passengers. The maximum diving depth is 10 meters. The authors of the project are sure that this submarine will become a new milestone in the water tourism industry. For example, sea excursions on a fundamentally new level, convenient and interesting for tourists. Most likely, the Nautilus will ride tourists who have arrived in Dubai. The world famous "Palm Island" will make this way of transportation popular among the many bulk islands of the bay.

Exomos also has a number of other, no less surprising projects, in total, the line of available submarines has 5 models, plus two more unique yachts that can freely sail both on water and under water. Let's get to know them better.

The Stingray single boat is an association with bobsled and paragliding. The humpbacked Goby looks like a pirate ship from the cartoon "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel." The Proteus model resembles a pleasure boat, and the khaki SDV clearly serves to land underwater assault forces. Boats with a displacement of up to 45 tons can take on board from one to 24 people and dive to a depth of 18 to 40 meters. There, at a depth, they develop a speed of 3-6 knots, on the surface - from 4 to 25. Although the submarines are equipped with radars, their hull is made of high-strength rubberized materials.

Owing to high safety standards, private submarines are the most reliable mode of transport today. Although their fuselage is under the same pressure as a flying plane, passengers suffer from overloads no more than diving enthusiasts. Even at a depth of 9 meters, the crew can remain indefinitely. The smart life-support system pumps oxygen from the tanks into the cockpit, removing carbon dioxide. Air conditioning is not only dried, but also heated or cooled at the request of passengers. Thanks to these qualities, Exomos boats can be used for recreational excursions, scientific diving and even for military purposes. The owner of the submarine and his team will be taught all the wisdom of management - first in the pool of 15-meter depth, and then in the open sea. However, if after the courses there was no desire to independently drive such an exotic vehicle, the company will provide a mechanic and a captain.

Obtaining an Exomos certificate is not difficult; it gives you the right to go on a trip right away. A license to drive a ship will not be required - unless, of course, there was a thought to trade in private underwater transportation. And this is not a joke: it is possible that mini-submarines will become the public transport of the future.

And the fact that Dubai is becoming the first training ground for the production and testing of tourist-class submarines is not even surprising. The second largest and most important city in the United Arab Emirates has already become a recognized world resort, and the flow of tourists and investment in the tourism business is rapidly increasing from year to year.

Harvey Jobert, Exomos general manager, said that a growing number of tourists from all over the world are expecting eastern miracles, extraordinary novelties and unusual innovations from the Middle East. "We recognize that it is necessary to conquer the Dubai tourism market with something extraordinary, and Exomos submarines will add fresh and amazing impressions to the city’s piggy bank."

Konstantin Startsev, "The area of ​​beautiful life"

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