The largest flag in the world deployed in the UAE

In the emirate of Sharjah, a record was set for the largest flag in the world.

The next world record was set on Flag Island, the famous tourist attraction of the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE - the world's largest flag was hoisted on a fixed flagpole. A successful attempt became part of the festivities in honor of the national flag day.

The flag included in the Guinness Book of Records was 70 meters long and 35 meters wide.

Trident Flagpoles, a leading company specializing in the development and creation of banners and flags, participated in the project.

Holdood Al-Junaibi, manager of Flag Island, noted that the new achievement complements the island's other activities, highlighting his commitment to the continued growth of the UAE and Sharjah at the regional and international levels.

“Since its inception, Flag Island has proudly served as the place where the UAE flag is a central element, the goal of which is to instill the values ​​of patriotism and fidelity to our beloved country,” Al-Junaybi said.

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