For the people of the big city

In honor of its tenth anniversary, the Opera Gallery at DIFC will present in October a special collection of Urban Poetry. Street art is of great interest and demand in the region: the work of Blek le Rat, London Police and Ron English scattered around the walls of City Walk, La Mer and Satwa, caused positive feedback from residents and art historians.

The oldest drawing of a man in a cave can also be attributed to street art. Director of Opera Gallery Dubai Sylvain Gaillard explains that "the desire to paint in public places has never disappeared and is deeply rooted in our soul and genetic heritage." Therefore, the exhibition, dedicated to this genre of art, is a kind of apologist for the free flow of artists from around the world. Works of Ron English, Keith Haring, duet Faile, Black le Rat, D Face and many others will be presented. The exhibition will be held from October 3 to 17 at the Dubai International Financial Center.

Watch the video: Big City Greens S01E45 46 Hiya Henry People Watchig (February 2020).