Interviewed by Elani Lipworf
Photo: Empire International Gulf


Cara Delevingne is only 22 years old, while she is one of the most recognizable models on the planet. Her success in the fashion industry is simply tremendous, but her acting career is quickly going uphill: now five films with her participation are being prepared for rental. And on her account on Instagram signed by more than 14 million users.

We met with her in Los Angeles, where she flew to present her film "Paper Cities" based on John Green's novel. In a gray and white striped sweater by Roland Mouret and a blue miniskirt, Kara looked charming.

Kara, what did you feel when you found out that you got the role of Margot?

Kara: I love John Green’s novel, and Margot is my favorite character, so I can’t put it in words, how glad I was. At the same time, I did not think that I would get the role, since I always doubt myself. The day I was told that my role was the best day of my life. When they called me, I was alone with the hotel room - with delight I jumped around the room, threw up objects and yelled into the pillow. They even knocked on my door - they checked if everything was okay with me. And then I began to worry that I could not cope and did not play the role well enough.

What do you like about John’s books? I know you made friends with him.

Kara: I love John. He is a terrific writer - sincere and funny. John brilliantly managed to catch the teenage spirit, his characters are truly alive, and he perfectly describes their feelings. He always manages to take a different look at familiar things.

Margot is a mysterious character. How do you imagine her?

Kara: She is a free spirit. It cannot be locked in a cage: neither parents succeed, nor anyone else. She destroys a lot of things around herself, not realizing it, not noticing the harm that she does to others. She lives on instincts, does what she can and hopes for the best.

Do you think you look like Margot?

Kara: Yes, of course. True, at her age I was completely different - she is much more mature than I was. But I look a lot like her: in the way she lives in the present and does not think too much about the future, she simply does what seems right to her. Margo is very self-confident, like me. She has the makings of a leader, she is a strong personality and does not obey any rules. Margo does not know who she is, and this is the most attractive thing about her. Before her lies a long journey full of attempts to recognize herself. And she will not let anyone disturb her.

She is also very brave.

Kara: Margo is completely fearless, just like me. Adventure I love more than anything, and I think that there is nothing more important than experience. I don’t like to think about something for a long time, I just do it and that’s it.

Is there any scene that you especially remember?

Kara: One of my favorite episodes is the night of the pranks, when Margot leads Kew along the whole city to avenge his boyfriend. I myself had to do all the tricks. For example, I climbed out the window on a huge tree. Then we wrapped the whole car in cellophane and painted it with spray paint. Filming "Paper Cities" is one of the best memories of my life. When the film was shot, we all cried ... And now I miss everyone terribly.

Why do you think Margot runs away and disappears? Does she feel lost?

Kara: I think we're all a little lost. We all pretend that we know what we are doing, but in fact - we know nothing for sure. Honestly, Margo wanted to make a spectacular gesture more than truly escape. And when her boyfriend cheats on her, she decides: "You know what, then I will dramatically leave and just disappear."

In the novel, everyone simply idealizes Margo, singing praises to her. Do you see a resemblance here to how fans treat you?

Kara: Yes, and it seems to me that this happens often. You create in your head the image of a person on the basis of what you see, and then you recognize this person better and understand: "Oh, I was wrong, he is completely different." I remember I used to have idols, and I thought they were absolutely amazing, and then I got to know them closer and every time I was deceived in my expectations.

How do you deal with this side of fame?

Kara: I just live my life. It seems to me that there is simply no special way to cope with fame. You come across her every day, and every day everything is different. This is terribly strange, but ... fans see what they want to see. People constantly speculate on my account, make assumptions; they think they know who I am. And I love to prove to them that they are wrong.

You are an extremely successful model. How much do you like about acting?

Kara: I can’t say that the modeling business is my life’s business. This is not my calling, from this work my heart does not pound. I always wanted to play, as long as I remember, and for me acting is a real passion. I earn my right to be an actress with hard work and I want to devote my life to it.

What was your childhood like?

Kara: Quiet kid. More than anything, I loved to listen and observe, lived in my fantasies and invented my worlds where I could be someone else. At school I liked to play and dance on stage, and on my thirteenth birthday I asked my parents for my agent. I liked psychology, biology and chemistry, but most of all I loved acting.

What do you do in your free time?

Kara: I love to read. Now I read Hermann Hesse. I love poetry and read a lot of books about yoga. I like books based on real events. Just recently finished Lina Dunham's book "Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned". I also read a storybook by Lydia Davis, winner of the International Booker Prize. I haven't had a day off for a hundred years, and I probably need some rest, but I just love to work. Every day I do yoga, and it helps to relax: I have so many different thoughts in my head that only yoga calms me. I also always bring guitars with me and write music.

Who are your role models?

Kara: I admire beautiful, strong women: Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette. Angelina Jolie is simply gorgeous - both her latest directorial work and her charity work, of course. I would like to work with Sienna Miller, as she is not just a role model, but also a good friend of mine.

What are you striving for?

Kara: I want to play strong women and be the right role model. It would also be interesting for me to play a serial killer, like Charlize Theron in Monster. Or in the movie of Quentin Tarantino. And then - and this is my biggest dream - to try myself as a director. In general, you need to live for yourself. It’s great to be equal to someone, inspired by someone’s achievements, but you should never try to become what you are not. Listen to your heart, follow your dreams and don't let anyone bother you.

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