Autumn. Dull time?


The illusory world of CHANEL

Collection CHANEL Illusions d'Ombres - noble origin. Palace luxury in the shimmering shadows of Illusion D'Ombre: their shades resemble the muffled brilliance of matte gold and silver, the beauty of family jewelry with precious stones. To complete the fantasy of flickering eye makeup, Le Crayon Yeux eyeliner in a metallic shade of Khaki Platine will help.

Clarins Fluffy Mascara

The mascara is equipped with a double nylon brush that instantly separates the eyelashes along the entire length, easily staining them from root to tip. The flexible tip of the brush divides even the smallest cilia in the corners of the eyes and evenly distributes the mascara. Clarins Instant Definition Mascara is available in 3 shades: Intense Black, Intense Brown, and Intense Blue.

Bourjois False Mascara

Volume Fast & Perfect guarantees the effect of false eyelashes in just 30 seconds. She repeats the movements of the makeup artist thanks to the innovative brush automatically rotating 360 °, which is set in motion with the touch of a button. She picks up eyelashes from the roots to the ends, twisting them and giving them volume.

Talika eyelashes grow faster

Nothing makes the look so attractive and charming as long, thick and shiny eyelashes, however, they almost never reach their maximum length and density, fall out, become brittle and brittle due to poor ecology, the use of cosmetics and remover makeup. Thanks to Talika Lipocils, a natural way to make eyelashes longer and thicker in just 28 days.

Byzantine beauties CHANEL

Byzance De Chanel's limited edition makeup collection is designed for the most sophisticated fashionistas. When creating the concept, the house’s art director Karl Lagerfeld turned to the image of the Byzantine Empress Theodora, as well as an abundance of gold, bronze, faces and unique mosaics of luxurious palace complexes. And the creative director of CHANEL Make Up Peter Philips turned iconographic faces into a fashion trend. The collection can only be purchased at CHANEL Make Up Studio stands.

Moonlight Givenchy

Givenchy's autumn look should be dramatic and mysterious, like the new makeup collection Je Veux La Lune. With the help of palettes with two contrasting shadows - black and golden beige or deep blue and gold - charming smoky eyes are created; the eyelashes are long and fluffy, the skin of the face is pale, hardly accentuated by light peach or pink blush, but the lips are burgundy, juicy, languid ... Who said that eyes or lips should dominate in a perfect make-up?

Revlon PhotoReady ™: Always Flawless

The PhotoReady ™ line is complemented by the PhotoReady ™ Concealer masking pencil. Its durability and reliability was tested under the brightest spotlights, camera flashes and sunlight, which could not reveal any flaws.

Naughty eyes with Bourjois

The charm of radiant and mischievous eyes will be emphasized by the Liner Feutre Eyeliner and Volume Glamor Mascara mascara, which adds volume to the eyelashes in an ultra-black shade.

Blackout Merle Norman

Quickly hide uneven skin tone, dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections on the face can now be using the new corrective means Merle Norman - Creamy Concealer. The unique oil-free formula of the product allows you to apply it both before and over makeup

Overflow of mood Gloss d'Armani

The Dubai Harvey Nichols Gallery has launched the exclusive sale of Gloss d'Armani Lip Gloss, part of the Giorgio Armani Cosmetics brand's cosmetic collection. Glitter is represented by 18 different shades - from barely noticeable to bright and spectacular.

Caring for your lips with Merle Norman

Turn your lips into amazing and seductive with the new Merle Norman line, which includes exfoliating products, conditioner and lip gloss. They will soften the skin of the lips, moisturize and emphasize their beauty.

Roses and Chocolate CHANEL

Chanel pink and brown fantasies will help you create a unique look: Rouge Coco lipstick, Levres Scintillantes gloss and Le Crayon Levres lip liners.

ROUGE AUTOMATIQUE - Automatically Guerlain!

Moisturizing long-lasting lipstick - red, orange, pink, beige ... shiny with the color of patent leather heels, light, airy this season presents 25 fashionable shades.

Bourjois: sweet on the lips

Meet fall in pink with the new Sweet Kiss lipstick collection with three different shades of pink. The inspiration for its creation was the latest trends and fashion shows in major capitals of the world. Four more shades of Sweet Kiss lipstick are united under the general name “Paris Delhi Shanghai” and are dedicated to travels in three world fashion centers - Paris, Delhi and Shanghai.

UNE - both brilliance and benefit

Lip Gloss Glimmer Lips Gloss has unique nutritional properties and is able to moisturize them for eight hours in a row. In addition, it will soften and soothe the skin, thanks to the presence of organic Cupuasu oil and tomato extract

Revlon - in a blinding light

Our lips will now sparkle even brighter thanks to 15 new shades of ColorBurst Lipgloss, created for passionate women by art director of the House of Revlon Gucci Westman

Smile like a star

Smiling beautiful lips is good, and snow-white teeth with them are the ultimate dream and ideal! The SMILE ENHANCING GLOSS kit, which combines lip gloss and whitening gel for quick-action teeth, will help to make it a reality. Glitter in sets available in six different shades.

Not just mother of pearl

Lucky Chanel Le Vernis will make your manicure sparkle literally. Especially on the occasion of the release of the Rouge Allure Velvet collection, CHANEL House introduced three new Le Vernis nail polishes. The fiery red Pirate, saturated pink Rose Exuberant and natural Rose Cache are matte, which in a duet with lipstick creates a simply fantastically dramatic image, to achieve the full effect of which, Beaute Des Ongles matte coating in a black bottle is offered for varnishes.

Estee Lauder - fix the color for a long time

The new collection of 8-shade Lacquer nail polishes and a unique long-lasting formula was presented this season by Estee Lauder creative director Tom Pesho.

Playful Pink Bourjois

Ten new nail polishes for 10 Days Nail Enamel are united by the brand's love for shades of pink such as pink cashmere, pink caramel, rosewood and pink fuchsia.

Original collage with CND Shellac

The Shellac Nail Layers collection of 24 shades helps create stunning and gorgeous color combinations. The series, in addition to varnishes, included: primer, face enamel, an ultraviolet lamp for quick drying of varnish and liquid for its removal.

Extremely Sally Hansen Nail Polish

The new collection of nail polishes from Sally Hansen will give you a whole bunch of unusual sensations: extreme colors, brightness and beauty. And most importantly - durability!

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